Get PAID to LIVE in Your Home!

Why not take advantage of the FHA INSURED Reverse Mortgage that allows you to convert your home’s non-liquid equity into

Non-Taxable CASH and / or Non-Taxable INCOME? Get Both!

  • E Z QUALIFICATION - it’s that simple!
    • Be 62 years old+
    • Live in your primary residence that you own
    • Does not have to be “free and clear” We can payoff your current mortgage
    • No Income or Credit to qualify
  • Increase Monthly Available Cash to spend. Pay off your current mortgage. No more payments!
  • Continue living in YOUR home as long as you live. You keep the TITLE and RETAINED EQUITY; you OWN your home; No restriction on selling.
  • Create Your Financial Security and Peace of Mind.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS - Very flexible for the Adjustable Rate Loan Program
    • Take some or all available cash at closing
    • Create Credit Line - draw as needed
    • Monthly Income FOR LIFE or specific term

FIXED RATE OPTION -  Receive all cash available at loan closing

I will give you an estimate of your FHA BENEFIT:

Tax Free CASH and / or Tax Free Monthly Income you could receive AND just think of your PEACE OF MIND knowing . . .

You make NO Mortgage Payments. . . Ever! ! !



When and How Do I Receive My Money

FHA Benefit: Tax Free Cash and Tax Free Monthly Income

PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS for Adjustable Rate Loan Program: Receive a COMBINATION or only one of the following. Funds are usually deposited directly to your bank account:

    • CASH At Loan Closing after pay off current mortgage All available net cash or a specific amount
      • CASH available when your need it.
      • Draw as needed for home improvement / emergencies
      • NOTE: Available Funds will INCREASE based on the unused portion of your Credit Line. So, your borrowing power increases - A unique feature of Revere Mortgage Credit Lines!
    • MONTHLY INCOME - Tax Free Cash!
      • for LIFE as long as you live in your home or
      • Select a specific term to increase monthly amount!
        • Example: 10, 15 or 20 year
    • NOTE: You can MODIFY YOUR PAYMENT PLAN in the future.

FIXED RATE OPTION -  Receive all cash available at loan closing

Examples to be provided.

I will customize a combination of payment options to meet your specific needs. Example: take some cash at closing, a credit line for emergencies and the balance paid to you MONTHLY by direct deposit to your bank account.

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