My first priority, as a Reverse Mortgage Educator & Planner, is to help you determine if you need or want a Reverse Mortgage.

To help you and your family assess your current financial situation, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my current mortgage payment too much to bear?
  • Do I have a large savings account that gives me Peace of Mind?
  • Are living expenses becoming more difficult each month?
  • Do I have funds to pay for ALL my prescriptions? Or … do I take less than prescribed or even not at all?
  • Do I have reserves for any emergency… especially medical?
  • Do  family members need to provide financial help?
  • Do I skip meals to save money?
  • Do I have extra money to enjoy the small things of life … like movies, a vacation, buying presents for Grandchildren?
  • Do I need urgent home repairs or improvements.
  • If I have answered "YES" to one or more questions, but don't want a Reverse Mortgage?  Why?